Faceless Friday: Part 67

In all my cluster of things and stuff from moving I almost did not realize it was Friday, thankfully the calendar next to me alerted me it was time for Faceless Friday.  Faceless Friday is where I list all of the wonderful things that rocked my face off in the past week… and what a week it was. Let’s start.

Moving. All. Of. My. Things. I rented a storage unit a couple of years ago in anticipation of removing my things from said storage unit within a few months…. Ah, but life gets complicated, things change, and there it all sat.  All of my things, locked away, growing dust and some mold… waiting for me to rescue it.  Meanwhile I lived on random couches, a spare bedroom here and there…  It all began with this. http://craughing.com/2012/02/05/foreclosed/ And the heartbreak was overwhelming, not only had I lost my home, I had lost an entire piece of myself.  I would go to my storage unit and cry.  Not because I needed those things, per say, but because it was devastating to not have a home anymore… anywhere to call my own. Then it changed.  The Fixer walked back into my life and offered me a home again.  After almost a year of living here with him, in this new state, with this new life, I finally had the funds and the mental clarity to go and rent a big ass truck and move it all.  I am HOME. Finally.

I drove this fucker for over five hours.
I drove this fucker for over five hours.

My friend KTs wedding.  IT was BEAUTIFUL.  And she let me share the day with her, and help, and I spent most of the day overwhelmed with all sorts of love for my dear friend.  I cannot express how happy I am for her, and I got to wear some seriously cool red heels, so that’s a bonus too.

Best. Wedding. Ever.
Best. Wedding. Ever.

The Twins.  My niece and nephew have my heart in their tiny little hands.  I love them.  I am so grateful my nephew has the will to overcome all of his health problems, and keep growing and become healthier.  They will be two months old on the 21st, and it is amazing to see the changes in them already.  Little growing machines.

Baby feet... <3
Baby feet… ❤

Nico.  He was my navigator for most of the trip home.  He let me know I was driving the big truck well because he was able to sleep for most of the ride.  I know he was confused by all of the moving and whatnot, but damn if he doesn’t still love me after two years of not knowing what in the hell is going on.

Sleepy navigator.
Sleepy navigator.

The Fixer. This guy… damn.  I am usually well prepared for things, but this guy out prepares me every time.  He had the mental clarity in all of my anxious energy to bring a real camera for pictures of the wedding and The Twins, and then also brought straps to secure my stuff in the truck.  I am in awe at how thoughtful and helpful he is.  And he doesn’t seem to mind that my stuff has taken over every inch of his house.  He makes this a home. I am grateful.

My family.  They helped me move things and Momma Jo kept us fed.  I know it has been hard on them with my moving, but they still put on a brave face and helped me out.

Now the short list, mainly because I still have things to rearrange:

Friends, family, coffee, sugar, alcohol, a bed that is big and comfy, finally showering, my plants!, catching up with old friends, having the support of new friends, my red table, ashtrays, books, money to get this all done, naps, a body that keeps trying to shut down, but hasn’t…. and you Craughers. YOU. Always, I am grateful for YOU. Thank you.


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