Faceless Friday: Part 66

Yesterday I used a spray-on self-tanner.  It looks pretty damn good, minus the orange feet, ankles and the definite line of tan on each of my arm.  I am convincing myself that it looks natural, and that the sun would indeed just tan a single line down each arm.  This is not my first experience with self-tanning.  In 8th grade, I got the “No-Ad” self-tanner, the generic huge bottle of orange goop…. And had to miss the next day of school while I loofaed every inch of orange off of me.  I tell this story to gear up for Faceless Friday, because making the same mistake over 20 years later rocks my face off. (I’m neva, eva, eva gonna grow up!)

Other things that rocked my face off this week:

The Fixer.  I left the windows down on the car last night.  Allll the way down…. Which means the seats are now soaked alllll the way from the rain.  Lots of rain+car windows down= tsunami in the Purple Bomber.  And instead of being aggravated at my forgetfulness he laughed.  That rocks my face off.  His kindness rocks my face off.  I have had so many people in my life make me feel stupid, and silly, and he doesn’t do that.  He enjoys life with me and makes me feel loved.   (And he’s cute and made me BLTS at a late hour last night… so yeah, that rocks too)

Friendship.  This week has been up and down with family stuff going on.  I am grateful that I have friends that get it.  That get me.  That support me, know my heart, and never back down from my struggles.  They allow me selfishness when I need it, and offer me kindness and laughter when I least expect it.  Thank you, brave women, for loving me exactly as I am.

The Twins.  My dear nephew has spent the last week in NICU.  His strength and determination at only a month old is nothing but remarkable.  I love them.  More than I thought I could, more than I can express.  I am proud to be an Aunt, and grateful for the chance.

Nico Harper.  Nico and I take off to the woods whenever I have too much going on in my brain… which is often.  He runs like mad and I get to giggle at his joy… and then he usually disappears, and I round a corner and he is there waiting for me.  Just making sure I am his and right there with him.   Two years ago he saved me.  Completely and utterly saved me, my life, and brought me joy…. And he continues to on a daily basis. That rocks my face off.


Okay, I have stuff to do to prepare for my weekend back in the home state (my dearest friend KT is getting married!!!!) so here is the short list for this week:

Patience, a cell phone that works, sarcasm, coffee, new dresses, red belts, sunshine and rain, a new month, UHaul, money to get shit done, my doctors office, energy and a body that half worked this week to get shit done, music, family, funny YouTube videos, finding SAL free toothpaste, a new way of life (coming soon!), Sailor Jerrys, and you my dear friends, Craughers…. How I adore each and every one of you.


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