Faceless Friday: Part 64

It’s Friday again, which should be exciting, but I am barely awake and feeling a little silly after my vodka drinks last night.  Turns out if you ask for strong drinks and The Fixer knows the bartender, you actually get strong drinks.  Not to fear though, I was sober by the time the insomnia monster hit.  So, to start this Faceless Friday off right I am grateful for a comfortable bed and a safe home to be awake in at all hours of the night.  But that’s not all folks, plenty rocked my face off this week, so here we go:

The Cubs Game and Wrigley Field.  I went to my first baseball game last Friday and it was pretty special.  It was free hat day, so I got a cute Cubbies straw hat thing.  Mostly I was in awe of the whole thing.  How old Wrigley is, how much a part of our history it is, how I was there, sitting where so many thousands had before to watch baseball.  I felt pretty damn American, and in a good way.  My legs are still bruised from squishing my way through the metal seats, but even that gives me a sense of pride.  It was a great day for a baseball game. I didn’t even mind (much) that they lost.

Friendship.  My friend Em came for a visit on Tuesday.  This is the first time someone has driven up here to see me, so that was pretty awesome, but even more awesome that we hadn’t seen each other for a year and that didn’t even matter.  I love the friendships that just are, that don’t make you feel guilt because you can’t get together all the time. Those are the true friendships that withstand time because they are based on mutual understanding and respect.  That and we had an awesome day driving around aimlessly sightseeing and looking for cheese.

The Fixer.  For trying so hard to make my first baseball game perfect, for always being understanding when I am emotional, even if he doesn’t know why, and for being hilarious.  Laughter is such a gift, and he makes me laugh daily.  He rocks my face off regularly, and those are only a few reasons why.

Nico Harper.  This dog, geesh… I had no idea when he came into my life how much he would change me, completely.  I love him more than I have words.  He rocks.  It’s as simple and complicated as that.

MapMyRun.  I don’t run.  I can’t because I have a shoddy body that doesn’t cooperate hardly ever.  But I can walk.  Oh, can I walk.  Miles and miles it would seem.  I love that website and ap because I can look at how many miles I walked within the week and feel pretty damn proud of myself.  You know how runners are always talking about how they “Just have to run”, I’m starting to feel that way about getting my walks in… and that’s pretty awesome.  And walking IS a work out. I walk fast, and hard, and push myself, and burn up calories…. So anyone that doesn’t think it counts can suck it.

And now for the short list:

Coffee, hazelnut creamer, Wisconsin cheese, a garden to take care of, air conditioning, movies, baseball, my family sending me pictures of The Twins (oh I miss those babies!), friends that just send random love notes to say they love me, soda, healthy foods, not so healthy foods, weight lifting, loosing inches, music, and this book that is in my head waiting to come out.

And all of you Craughers, that are here with me, encouraging me, and taking all the steps you can to become the best you can.  It’s hard work, but it will be worth it.


2 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 64”

  1. Happy, happy Friday, to you… Ooo… gotta have my hazelnut creamer splashing around in ma-coffee = all kinds of yummy. Yep, I prefer walking over running (or should I say my knees prefer it :D) Family and friends –they are just the best.


  2. Craughing – just love your page, dear! You had me in stitches just now. Great insight, too! Keep up the great work. Take care & God bless u & yours.


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