Faceless Friday: Part 62

Good morning dear hearts and welcome to yet another Friday!! I take it everyone survived the ‘splosions last night, and ‘Murica is still intact?  My fourth was low key, and exactly how I like it.  I’m grateful for that, and a few other things this past week… so here is this week’s list of things that rocked my face off:

Fireworks.  I didn’t actually go and see any, but I heard plenty, which sent Nico dog into a tail spin and had him snuggled up to me most of the night.  I know I shouldn’t like that he was terrified, but it did make me feel good that he looked to me for comfort.  So yes, blowing shit up and a scared dog rocked my face off.

Updates from the family.  My nephew had his “cutting” and went through it with flying colors.  I’m grateful that my family is keeping me posted and involved in how the babies are doing.  My sis-in law has even sent me a few pictures.  I miss them terribly, terribly bad, but am grateful that I can still watch them grow from afar.

The Fixer and his sense of humor.  I love his sense of humor, mostly because it is right in tune with mine so we get the chance to laugh a lot.  I am so grateful and overjoyed that this man has chosen to be with me.  Also his cooking. I am damn thankful for that as well. He really is the grill master.

Friendship.  I am grateful for the friends that have been with me through it all, and still laugh with me.  I am also grateful for those friends that do not judge me for playing games like Pet Rescue Saga.  That shit is serious.  I may not be easily accessible all of the time, but I have those friends that get that, and get me… and I wouldn’t have made it this far without them.

And now for the short list: Unemployment, hauling a truck load of stuff back with me in a car, decorating, that feeling of finally being home, red nail polish, the garden, organizing my clothes, determination to get healthy, the ability to walk and to work out, water, babies, laughter, and Craughers. Each and everyone of you Rock my face off!!


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