Faceless Friday: Part 58

Ah, yes, Friday again.  This is quickly becoming my favorite day again… okay honestly everyday is my favorite right now since I’m not working.  It’s humbling and scary not having a job and so desperately wanting one, but it is also quite nice to play around with the idea of what turn my life may take next.  Anyway, back to Faceless Friday… here is the list of things that rocked my face off this past week. Gratitude abounds!

Supportive friends rock!

I finally admitted that I have been having dreams about writing a book to a few close friends of mine.  They basically screamed at me to start writing.  I always wanted to write my story down, and having encouragement to do so rocks my face off! And awesome cartoons about it? Even better.

Love these guys!

The Fixer and Nico Harper Man Dog Extraordinaire.  I really do not know what to say about these two. I mean look at that love, geesh…. They make me smile daily, and take care of me in so many ways.  I am truly, absolutely blessed.

Nico loves being outdoors too.

Being outside.  Walking, being able to walk without pain, and enjoying nature rocks my face off.  Nico and I have done about three miles a day every day this week, and not only does that make my body feel better but it also makes my soul smile.

There are many more things that rocked my face off this past week, but I have stuff to do (like take that handsome dog for a walk) so here is the short list:

Friends that make me laugh, cell phone service, coffee, music, rock band (lol!), Cubs baseball, warmer weather, a super sweet garden, a partner that wants to do things with me (like plant a garden), the fact that I am going to be an Aunt at ANY time to TWINS, my sister-in-law (love you!!!), my good brother, Candy Crush Saga for not working this week so I could get shit done, food, cooking, boxed wine, and this LIFE because it is finally starting to feel like my own.


Much love Craughers! And thank YOU for all of your continued support and awesomeness. Me love you long time!



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