Faceless Friday: Part 57

It is Friday, which means it is time to get my gratitude on and list all the things (or most of the things) that rocked my face off this past week.  Shall we begin?

Plants.  All plants really, but more specifically the new plants in our garden box.  Planting a garden is not only therapeutic, it is fun and well, freaking awesome.  I love playing in dirt, making things all pretty and shit.  Flowers everywhere, veggies growing, and an accomplished feeling? Yeah that rocks.

Nico Harper Man Dog Extraordinaire.  For being so damn cuddly and happy.  And for inspiring me to write the blog about what he has taught me.  Not to mention how cute he is when he is in a frenzy over thunder.  I know he is scared, but that makes me feel all wanted and needed when he curls up beside me waiting for the storms to pass.

Coffee.  Especially this morning after such a late night.  Add hazelnut creamer and my love affair is complete.

Craughers.  For so many reasons, but especially for hanging out with me on a daily basis and offering advice when I ask for it.  You guys are really freaking special to me and rock my face off at least once a day.

Friends.  I love each and every one of you and I am blessed beyond measure to call you my friends.  You inspire me daily and keep me focused on the good.  Thank you.


And now the short list: being able to prepare meals at home with The Fixer, going to the dog park with Nico and getting hot and sweaty hiking around watching him act like a fool, red nail polish, text messaging, phone calls from home, the weekend, Sharpies, candles, books to read, a willingness to try new things, anti-anxiety meds, and the fact that every week I can sit and write about what I am grateful for.  That rocks my face off.


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