Faceless Friday: Part 56

It’s Friday again, and that means it is time to get quiet and get my gratitude on.  Here is what rocked my face off this past week:

The Fixer.  He has never had to deal with PTSD, anxiety attacks, horrible back pain, and the occasional migraine, but he takes it all in stride and makes me feel loveable even when my body tells me I am not.  And no matter what is going on he can still find a way to make me laugh.  That is pure magic on his part I do believe.  His actions match his words, and for that I am grateful.

Losing my job.  Okay, so that doesn’t really rock my face off, but I am sure some day I will look back and say “Oh, THAT is why that happened” so I am going to go ahead and put it on the list.  I have never been fired before, and especially not because of my back… this is a learning experience of some sort I am sure.  My soul is growing.  And it gave me a chance to look at life and say “yeah, I have been through worse”.  It is all about perspective.

My Counselor.  I am grateful I have a safe place to vent my frustrations and a professional to give me some tools to continue growing into the happy and healthy person I deserve to be.  That and validation feels so damn good sometimes (always).

My friends and family.  It feels good when people already know your story and you don’t have to explain all the bullshit to them.  These people have stood by me through it all, back surgeries, stalkers, divorce, foreclosure, etc. and are still by my side.  That rocks my face off.

And now for the short list:

Frontline flea stuff for Nico because he is apparently a tick magnet, mushroom hunting, being able to walk (even if I can’t stand up straight yet), COFFEE, music, hazelnut creamer surprises, books, learning, good shampoo and conditioner, facebook messages that make me giggle, sarcasm, the Scrunchy Wielding Crew (FREALZ), trusting in God, and videos that make me laugh for no real reason.

And Craughers.  Each and every one of you bless me daily. Thank you.


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