Faceless Friday: Part 55

Ah….. another Friday, that must mean it is Faceless Friday and I am going to do my best to list out my gratitude, or the things that have rocked my face off.  In no particular order they are:

Meeting my deductible. In a month. Yep, it’s possible. It also means my counseling and other therapy crap will be that much cheaper. Pretty excited about that. That and I have insurance to even be able to make that comment.

No major breakdowns this week. I almost sent myself to some sort of lock down facility last week, so the fact that I made it through this week pretty much unscathed rocks.

The Fixer.  Bless his heart he wants so bad to understand what is going on with his girlfriend that it sent him in to a tail spin. I’m glad he is back now and willing to learn about complex PTSD and all the shit it has to offer.  When someone takes and active approach at learning about you and what makes you tick, its kind of a big deal.

So there you have it. It’s almost two in the morning so the gratitude is a bit groggy.  Here is the short list of all that rocked my face off:

Wine, mens’ razors, good soothing music, crying, cuddling, Nico dog of awesome extrodinerness, coffee, learning about myself, standing up for myself, forming a plan and sticking to it, and those dear, dear people I can count on NO MATTER WHAT. Thank you.


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