Faceless Friday: Part 53

I realized last night that a lot of my posts on Craughing haven’t been as uplifting as maybe some in the past…. So for this weeks Faceless Friday I want to tell you why that rocks my face off.

I’m safe and happy.  For the past few years, I have been living on high alert, in a constant state of flux in survival mode.   I did not have the luxury of working through some of my issues because I was constantly trying to keep my shit together enough to not end up locked away somewhere.  Now that I am safe, have a home again, and have a great support system (okay, I’ve always had that, but The Fixer just rounds it out, he’s like the cherry on top) I am able to breathe again.  For the first time in a long time, I am actually able to sit and look at my life and begin working on the things that trigger my PTSD and my anxiety.  I am now safe enough to work on me. That is the most beautiful thing, and that rocks my face off.

Other things that have rocked my face off this week include:

Spending some quality time with my family.  I had not seen them since December and it was nice to just be around them… even if I was tired the whole time.  My brother and his wife especially rocked my face off by letting us stay with them and always making me feel welcomed and loved.

My friends. All of them, but especially my older friends.  The ones that make me laugh and laugh just by being close to them.  They say that as you get older you are blessed if you have more than one friend that is close to you. I am blessed by a few and friendships like that rock my face off.

New counselors and doctors.  It has taken me awhile to get up enough courage to find some help up here in my new home state, but I finally did and that is going to make all the difference.  With the help of these professionals I will be able to work through some stuff that haunts me and finally, and really move on with my life.

The Fixer.  What kind of guy will drive all night just because I need to see my people? HE will, and does.  Not only that he offers me emotional support, ask questions, cares and is just plain awesome.  I have never had a boyfriend like him and most of the time I just giggle at how good it feels to be loved.

And for the short list: coffee, music, Nico Harper, comfortable beds and clean sheets, new shampoo that makes my hair feel amazing and adds volume, lotion, the right meds, milk, chocolate doughnuts, working out, walking, work, friends at work that have become friends in real life, the interwebs, and Craughers. All of you. Thank you.


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