Faceless Friday: Part 51

It is finally Friday, and that means it is time for Faceless Friday!! And what a week it has been…. Still gratitude abounds, and brings me great comfort. Here is what has rocked my face off this past week, in no particular order, as always:

My Wolf Pack.  I just decided to name them that… because I think it’s funny.  These are the people that dropped everything this week (a few times) to come to my aid when I was feeling frazzled, and vulnerable, and was just plain a wreck after hearing of the stalker’s release.  KT, CTip, Beardzilla, JDawg, and The Fixer.  Thank you all for loving me and knowing that even in my weakness moments I am still me.

The Fixer.  He works his ass off, and has been going in to work early and staying late all week, but has still managed to get up with me when I get home at midnight to talk to me.  He gets me. He knew I needed him and he has been there.  He is warm, kind, generous, and fucking hilarious too.  I cannot imagine it is easy having a girlfriend that has been through so much shit in the last few years, and then to top all that emotional baggage off her stalker gets released… and yet he has shown patience and kindness in remarkable ways.  I can finally say that I am accepted and loved.  That fucking rocks.

Craughers. Holy shit you guys rock! When I started this journey I had no idea how much I would enjoy it, and then ultimately need it. You have shown me grace, courage, and have shared yourselves with me in profound ways.  Thank you for always encouraging me and for always making me feel worthy.

And now for the short list (mainly because I am getting all teary eyed with emotions and what not).  Things that have rocked my face off this past week:

Tampons and their absorbency, Flamin Hot Cheetos, Nico Harper Man Dog Extraordinaire, The Good Brother and his Wife in Awesomeness, long chats with old friends, laughter, men’s razors (especially when I haven’t shaved for a week), food, sunshine, GOALS, my new fitness coach!!, body fat calipers (just kidding those things fucking SUCK), and mostly peace within my soul… even if it is fleeting, I am so very grateful for those moments when I do indeed know I am okay.

I am okay.


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