A Blog Post for my Brother, on his Birthday

I have so many feelings of love and gratitude for my oldest-younger brother that I am not sure I can find the words to convey it all, but I am going to give it a try…

I have no idea how it happened but my brother turned into a man.  I’m not speaking of his age, but of his character.  He has so much character.  I’m not exactly sure where he learned it but he has all of the strength, humor, wisdom, and patience that it takes to be one of the good guys.  There is no other way to describe him anymore than to say that he is, most definitely, a man.

A good man. A solid man.  The type of man you want in your life.

And I’m lucky enough to call him my brother.                    

He has stood by me, and with me, in so many different ways throughout the years.  From making sure I could get back into the house after sneaking out, to counseling me on the many disasters I have put myself through.  He has done all of that with love and compassion, even when I couldn’t see any love or compassion in the world.  He is accepting, caring, and the sort of person people want to be like.  He contributes to the world in a positive and beautiful way and does it with humor and wit.

I may be strong, but having a brother like him has made all the difference.  He has restored my faith in people more than once, and made me feel proud to have a family.  He is my family, my friend, and the only man I have ever been able to really count on, and for that I am grateful.  For him I am grateful.

With the deepest and sincerest love, I say Happy Birthday, my brother.

Thank you for being exactly who you are.


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