Faceless Friday: Part 47, 48 and 49.

Hello there dear Craughers!! It’s Friday!! That means we best get back into the swing of things and start Faceless Friday back up! The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of trying to figure out a schedule and I apologize for not posting like I want. So, here we go:

First paycheck! I got my first paycheck in two years!! What else can I say about that? My face got rocked the fuck off for sure! I went and got my hair did even checks and everything. Being adultlike is kind of like riding a bike, I may be a little wobbly but at least I look good doing it!!! I haven’t had my hair done professionally

New hair!!

in almost three years so it was kinda a big deal (HUGE). I  even paid some bills! Like actually wrote out

Working. I have been working a lot. It’s been quite the adjustment to my old system. Working until two am doesn’t really leave time for much, but I am so very grateful to have a job.  I really have no other words to describe how it feels to be a part of society again. Blessed.

Home. It has almost been two months since I made this move and every day I feel a little more at home… as can be seen by the “volcano” of clothes in the bedroom. (Hey, it is hard to find something to fit all this awesomeness).

The Fixer. For showing patience, for wanting to be the best guy he can be, and for taking care of me and man dog during all of this adjustment.  It is not easy being my partner, and I am grateful that he keeps trying.

My family. Things are changing in a huge way for my family and I am grateful that no matter what we all still love one another and will do whatever we have to to encourage and love one another.

And here is the short list: coffee, Nico Harper man dog extraordinaire of awesomeness, beardzilla for being funny, people answering my texts at 2 am, people understanding I hate talking on the phone, soup at hand, Cheeze-its, GUMMY BEARS (OMG!), caffeine, e-mails, iPods, music in general, the Black Crowes specifically, computers, internet, and me. I rock my own damn face off every day.


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