Faceless Friday: Part 45

Faceless Friday is where I list off all the things that rocked my face off in the past week, and since I have an uber busy weekend ahead of me I thought I would do the FF now. So, here we go:

A JOB. A real job, one that has set hours, and pays me for doing stuff. I haven’t had a job in two years and I am super excited to start work on MONDAY! YAY!!!!

The Fixer. For being a supporter, provider and comedian all at the same time. He’s pretty spectacular and I am damn lucky.

Music and my DJ Skillzzzzzzz. Tomorrow is my best friend Jdawg’s wedding and I was in charge of all the music, I had a lot of fun putting together hours of entertainment, and I hope it goes well.

Understanding, and those that try to be understanding.

And the quick list: soda, coffee, caffeine in general, Febreeze, warmth, blankets, sweat pants, jeans that fit, working out, walking, My Momma, my family, my friends, Nico, all the kiddos in my life, good bbq, meat, veggies, fresh fruit, surviving another year, looking forward to my life (that is huge), and deep breaths.  There was a time when I was asked by my abuser if I “liked breathing” I’ve taken it pretty damn seriously since then, so yes, I like breathing and I am forever grateful that I continue to do so.

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