Faceless Friday: Part 44

For a few moments this morning I wasn’t sure if it was really Friday… strange how weeks creep past, sometimes in a blur, sometimes at full speed.  And what a week it was dear Craughers. I have so many great things to be grateful for, so many things that continuously rock my face off, so, here is this week’s Faceless Friday!

Home. Here, now, where I am, HOME.  Every day I get more settled, and every day this gratitude and joy wells up inside of me for the most amazing (and some may say simple) things. Like a huge bed, a BED, to sleep on! With enough room for Nico too!  Coffee every morning, sugar to put in it and my favorite hazelnut creamer.  Amazing water pressure and hot water when I need it. Kitchen floors that need sweeping, dusting that needs done, and a great sense of relief that I have a place to be myself in, a place to dance around full speed whenever the mood strikes, or take naps, or just be. Home rocks my face off.

Nico Harper. This damn dog is so in tune with me it is almost scary. And when I really need to stop hiding out in my own head I know that he will always be there for me to walk with, and walking brings him immense joy… seeing joy on a dog’s face pretty much rocks every damn time.

The Scrunchie Wielding crew.  I am so fortunate to have found so many astounding women to connect with, that encourage me, help me, make me laugh, and are there EVERY time I need them.  I’m missing out this weekend on some greatness with this crew, but they are so understanding and loving that I know somehow I will be able to connect with them even if I am not physically there. (I think I am most bummed about missing all the great photo ops…and hugs….and bewbies…)

The Fixer.  Last weekend we went out with a few of The Fixer’s friends so that I could get to know them and the local dive bars, etc.  This guy, I tell ya, for as little as he talks sometimes he sure in the hell gets me.  I got upset about a comment one of the girls said and he was all over it… right there, understanding, supportive and just pretty damn fantastic. Kinda blew me away… as he always seems to do. I am blessed, so very blessed, to have him in my life… I really do not have the words to describe it. It rocks my face off that I am who I am and that is perfectly fine with him. (Being accepted? Yeah… kinda awesome).

Possible jobs. Interviewing is NOT fun, stressing out about finding a job is NOT fun, actually I can’t really think of one thing that is fun about trying to get a job. But you know what is actually good? Knowing you did your best, you tried, and that is all you can ever do.  There is a great relief that comes from being able to say “It is out of my hands now”.  That feeling, that knowledge, rocks my face off.


And you know what else rocks my face off? Breathing, and the fact that I am still here, able to do just that.

2 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 44”

  1. sweet sweet pumpkin face! I so get the HOME thing. when we haven’t had a place of our own for so long, every little thing is cause for gratitude – even the dust! Love you so damn much. BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING!


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