Faceless Friday: Part 43

It is Friday, which means I list out all of the awesome that rocked my face off this past week. Here we go:

Job Interviews. Back home I hardly ever was called about jobs; here I have been called about three! Moreover, one wants to hire me! Talk about a great way to start out my first two weeks!! This whole looking for a job thing is a lot to deal with, I pray that I get the one I want and can start after my best friend’s wedding. *Please send all your feel good vibes to c/o Craughing Girl via mind waves*

Nico Harper.  He is adjusting really well to having a new home and I appreciate that he tries so very hard to be a good dog.

The Fixer. We are both adjusting to this living together thing, and I have to say he has been a champ about it as I have been a bit off the radar with my feelings.  I appreciate him, sincerely, and I feel so very blessed and grateful EVERY DAY for him.

Ahhhh…..  there is so much for me to be grateful for. I’m just gonna do a short list:

Walking, sunshine, fresh air, dog parts, food, caffeine, coffee, cigarettes, a new(er) way of eating, metabolism, cell phones, heat, running water, kitchen floors, warm bedding, huge tvs, friends that make me laugh, friends that help me cry, friends in general, family, my momma, sweat, sweets, being able to bake things, having things to bake, carpet, vacuum, naps, and me. This week I am grateful for me… cause I am moving forward, finally.

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