Faceless Friday: Part 42

Another Faceless Friday… and let us see what all has happened this past week… Hmmm… Well, I moved to a different state, and to try and curb that excitement my back and Fibromyalgia has been acting up… Still doesn’t stop me from being GRATEFUL AS FUCK!! Or FUCKING GRATEFUL. (Either way).  Let us start.

Moving. Moving has rocked my face off, and all though it has only been a week I still feel confident that I made the right choice for me… and quite honestly I hardly ever, ever, make choices based on myself. So that rocks my face off as well.

Supportive Friends and Family. I am lucky to have so many people rallying for me, and I am grateful for each one.

The Fixer. For communicating when it would have been easier to shut down, for being understanding, and for showing some patience.  And for telling me at least once a day that we are a team. I’ve never been a part of a team so it’s nice to be reminded. Yeah, he’s sorta a big deal.

JDawg. She is getting married in like three weeks (if not sooner, I’m not doing the math) and then I up and left her to do it all on her own. She’s rocking the wedding planning and I am grateful that she has still included me as much as possible. Thank Gods for the interwebs.

Sleep. I slept through the night three nights this week. That is a record and hasn’t happened since before 2010. Seriously. Amazeballs.

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