Faceless Friday: Part 41

Good Faceless Friday morning dear Craughers!! Lots has happened this week, and there is lots to be grateful for (always), so here is this week’s things that rocked my face off:

Indoor plumbing. For real. Totally grateful for indoor plumbing.

Razor blades, body wash, and lotion. Um… I’m not even going to tell you guys how long I went without shaving, because quite frankly it was long enough that I don’t remember… Men’s razor blades rock my face off (and make my legs feel nice) as does some super duper girlie body wash and lotion. My skin hates weather (ANY weather) and gets all flaky and superficial in the cooler months, thankfully I have found some lotion that kicks the dry patches ass. (You know if dry patches had asses).

Photoshop. I use photoshop to make friends. True story. I like to make things for people and then surprise them with said stuff on their facebook walls. Some of it is in poor taste….nah, just kidding I’m fucking hilarious.

Friends. This includes my internet friends and my real life friends. I’m moving tomorrow and the encouragement I have gotten is pretty spectacular. Thank you to those that keep pushing me to move forward, and thank you to those that have stood by me when I was standing still.

No-kill dog pounds.  When is the last time you went through a dog pound? That shit is heartbreaking yo. It’s nice to know if you cannot adopt all of the dogs and kitties that they are at least going to live until they do find homes.

October. Not only is October breast cancer awareness month, but it is also domestic abuse awareness month.  Having lived with domestic violence growing up, and then in my adult hood I am grateful for those people that bring awareness and help to change lives.

The Good brother and his wife in awesomeness. I truly have no words to express the love and appreciation I have. Gratitude. Always. And Love. Lots of love.

Spam folder in my e-mail account. Yeah, that shit rocks.

The Fixer. I’m not even sure that I can express the gratitude I have for this man and his patience, I can only try everyday to let him know.

I wish I could say that this past week leading up to my move (tomorrow!!!!) was pretty easy, but it really wasn’t. I am grateful though for all that I have and the relationships that hold me up and keep me together. One. Day. At. A. Time.

3 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 41”

  1. I woke up feeling really sorry for myself today. I needed this. Your gracious attitude, even after the week you’ve had..your optimism…your outlook. I am so happy that you are brave enough to go on this new adventure – – and I know it’s an adventure of a lifetime. Love and Hugs always..DG


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