Faceless Friday: Part 39

Faceless Friday!!!! And a whole-hellava-lot rocked my face off this past week! So let us begin:

Ani Difranco in concert. Yep. Awesomesauce. Even more spectacular was seeing her with my friend A. We discovered that every four years we venture out to see an amazing show, so that also rocks my face off. In all honesty my friend A always rocks. Always. She is inspiring and amazing.






Healing of the physical type. My mouth finally feels like my own again after having a blasted tooth removed last week. So grateful for antibiotics, dentists and a mom that was willing to help me out. (and that I don’t look like the elephant man anymore)

Supportive friends and family. I would not have survived the last two years without all of you, and that blows me away every day. Thank you.

Moving in TWO WEEKS. This is so exciting and nerve wracking and all of it rocks my face off.

The Fixer. For being understanding, supportive, encouraging, and all around pretty damn phenomenal… and funny. Damnit.

Dramatic TV. Just kidding I hate TV after watching SOA and Greys. Bastards making me cry and shit.

JDawg. She’s getting married. Soon. As in notimetobreathemustplanweddingnow soon. And she asked me to come along for the ride. And I’m honored.

Craughers. Wowza. I am so floored by all of you, the support you show me, the encouragement and the laughs. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and thank you for taking this trip with me.

Coffee. Always.

One thought on “Faceless Friday: Part 39”

  1. Yeah, that Greys episode last night about did me in….I hate shit that makes me cry. When they pulled the plug on “Mark”, I turned into a big ball baby–that scenario is a little too close to home, and I probably wouldn’t have watched it had I known it was going to end that way. Found you on You KNow It Happens At Your House Too blogroll and had to check you out–didn’t know what craughing was…but now I do and you are spot-on about it! Nice to meet ya–I’ll be back for more. http://Menopausalmother.blogspot.com


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