Faceless Friday: Part 38

Happy Friday to all. This has been a painful week for me as I had a tooth cut out of my head on Monday and it has taken all week for the antibiotics to kick the infections ass.  Other than that it’s been good.  Here is my gratitude list for this Friday, all the things that rocked my face off!

Antibiotics, dentist, and financial help from the momma.  My tooth was super junk and it had to be cut out. Thankfully, mom let me use her credit card and I got that mother taken care of. Modern medicine, patient doctors and hanging in there when I thought my head was going to explode rocks my swollen elephant man face off.

Nico Harper man dog extraordinaire. The last time we stayed at mommas he was constantly in her room and ignoring me… and I’m not too proud to admit that shit hurt my feelings. He has been a constant by my side this time and I love being woken up by the stinky beast.

The Fixer, referred to as OGThurdee in previous Faceless Fridays. He earned this new name by being good at basically EVERYTHING and by finishing other people’s projects and whatnot.  He’s kinda a big deal and I’m sorta a lucky girl.

Coffee, music and bravery. Without these three things I believe it would be impossible for me to get out of bed, let alone make plans for my future.  October is going to be filled with lots of changes and moving forward. Luckily I will have these three companions to help me keep moving forward, because really, isn’t it about time?

Hair dye. Need I say more? I’m so freaking grey I can’t even begin to explain it… and I am still under the impression that I am too young for all of it… seriously, pretty sure I am.

Lotion. One week into the fall weather and my skin is already freaking out. Thank God for lotions and potions. I’m girlie, I need this shit.

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