Faceless Friday: Part 35

Faceless Friday is where I throw together a list of all (or most) of the things that have rocked my face off in the following week. Therefore, in no particular order… here we go….

Coffee. My God how I adore thee.

My Godson. He’s freaking adorable and I taught him how to growl… so yeah, that’s awesome. He also enjoys when I sing, which shows he has horrible taste, but I love it nonetheless.

Nico Harper the most jealous dog in the world. He’s reCOCKulous with his jealousy and I find it quite adorable, a bit sad, but mostly entertaining.

OGThurdee for making the trip to see me again, for making me laugh, and for being pretty fantastic.

My family. As much as they drive me nuts sometimes I love them even more. I am blessed to have people in my corner, routing for me, helping me, and loving me.

Friendships, old and new. I have a pretty great support system. They all rock my face off.

And music. Always. But especially my theme song these days.


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