Faceless Friday: Part 32

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there…. It’s Faceless Friday and here is the list for this week of things that ROCKED my face off:

The full moon.  Not really for any reason except that it was beautiful and that I know that I can count on the moons consistency. I like that, and consistency. So, full moons and consistency rock my face off!

People. Not really people in general, all though I wish that were the case, but more specifically the people that have reached out to me after my last blog post.  It is hard sometimes to put myself out there like that and be vulnerable, but you all encourage me and help me to know that my struggles are not just my own.  So, understanding people with awesome hearts? Yeah, you ALL rock my face off!

Nico Harper man dog extraordinaire.  For all of the same reasons as the previous weeks, but also for giving me a reason to get my ass out of bed every morning whether I want to or not, and especially when other reasons fail.

A brand new month. I love the feel of new beginnings, even if I don’t know exactly what to do with my damn self…

Children’s meltdowns. Mainly because I can see myself in their tantrums, and it makes me giggle, and realize that no matter how small or big our problems may seem, to each of us they are HUGE.

Sigh…. I know there is more… I feel there is more to be grateful for, but today, if only for a little while, I am going to sit with those gratitudes and let them feed my soul.

Thank you Craughers. You ALL Rock my FACE OFF!

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