Faceless Friday: Part 31

Faceless Friday!!!! Here is where I list out all of the things that rocked my face off this past week.

And here we go:

Coffee. My love for coffee is not a secret, and may be the only non-secret love affair I have. The sweet, sweet nectar of caffeine makes my blood happy and therefore my brain.

New opportunities. My life looks as if it is about to break wide open again, and all though that terrifies me, I also welcome it. It is time. I am ready. Now… where to go…

Notifications of where my stalker is in prison. I’m going to send him love letters… just kidding.

Having my friend KT read aloud E-Cards and me actually thinking we are having a serious conversation… this is how roll… hilarity. All. The. Time.


Men’s razors and the fantaboulsous job that they do.

Making up words like fantaboulsous.

Moving forward. Every day. Yeah, that rocks.

And of course Craughers, my scrunchie wearing gangstas, and this life. I am grateful.

5 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 31”

  1. I’m just a wanna-be member of the Scrunchies (most badass gangstas EVER, btw), but I am SO grateful for you, too!! I love your Faceless Friday posts, and I’d list what I’m grateful for but today it’s just everything. I’m smiling my fool head off today! 🙂


  2. I’m just a wanna-be member of the Scrunchies (most badass gangstas EVER, btw) — but I am super thankful for you!! I so admire the way you’ve handled the trauma in your life, and the way you’re moving on now. I love your Faceless Friday posts, and I’d tell you what all I’m grateful for today, but it’s pretty much every-damn-thing. I can’t stop smiling my fool head off! Love you ❤


  3. I’m a scrunchie gangsta right?? I love your posts. And it’s a little scary when good things are on the brink of breaking open. But guess what? You’re gonna rock that shit like crazy!! Hugs!


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