Faceless Friday: Part 29

Once again, it is Faceless Friday, where I list out all of the things that I am grateful for, things that have rocked my face off in the past week.  So here we go:

Tears. It is a strange thing being grateful for sadness, but it means that I am still feeling. I have not shut down so much as to not get my feelings hurt. I still hurt, I still want, and I still need. The last two years have not calloused me as much as I had hoped, but that’s okay, that means I am still human, and still stumbling, and at least I am still doing something: living.

Alone time.  It has been quite a long while since I have had enough silence to hear myself… and as hard as that has been this week, it is still a much-needed thing, and for that, I am grateful.

Stalkers in jail. Yes, still grateful for this, and now that court has been over for a month now, I am starting to let it all sink in a bit more. It is still surreal that it is over, and I catch myself being anxious at times, but I have a feeling that will not last for long.

Knowing. That little voice inside of me that says, “hey, you are okay, you’re moving forward”. I am so fucking grateful for that voice, even if I don’t believe it most of the time.

Coffee. Duh.

Craughers. I still cannot find the words to thank you all for the support and laughs you give me. Thank you, YOU rock my face off!


4 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 29”

  1. Here’s a great motto for you:
    “teach me to cry and when I have learned to cry,
    teach me to dance in the puddle of my tears.”


  2. You know, you’ve always been extraordinarily strong and wise beyond your years! My BEST memories involve you! I will say this: “One who never makes mistakes, is never doing ANYTHING!”
    Love you!


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