Faceless Friday: Part 28

I have to be honest I’m not feeling all to grateful today, if anything I am quite grumpy due to the amount of heat the sun is producing…. I seriously take issue with being hot… but just because I don’t feel like being grateful, doesn’t mean I’m not… so here is Faceless Friday…

  • Air conditioning. I have no idea how anyone could sleep in 100+ weather without some sort of air conditioning.  I went years without air and really doubt I would have survived the last couple of weeks if I were in the same house. Not being able to breathe cause it’s so fucking hot sucks. Therefore, air conditioning, has rocked my melting face off.
  • Listening to myself. Learning that you can count on yourself is a huge thing.
  • Nico Harper. He was sick all last week and I sorta freaked out about it…. but now man dog is back to himself and is pretty much the best cuddler ever.
  • This life. Even though I have put my life on pause for the last two years, it’s good to know it’s still mine, and I can still rock the shit out of it.
  • Help. Knowing when I need it, who to ask for it, and then accepting it. Really tough for me to do, but I am getting better at it. Thankful for all that I have received.
  • Laughing with the scrunchie gals. You have no idea how much strength you all give me to keep moving forward. Thank you.

There is a lot more that I am grateful for this week, but I am still letting all of that process. Much love!!


2 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 28”

  1. Girl I will always keep a scrunchie on my wrist…just for you! I’m feeling stabby in this heat too…we can’t always be grateful for the things we should. But you’re so good at least trying to put things in perspective. Love you, darlin!


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