Faceless Friday PART 26

Here are a few things that rocked my face off this past week:

Kindness.  It doesn’t take much to not be an asshole, yet it is no longer the norm to be kind.  I am grateful for those that show kindness and compassion. Real kindness and compassion is beautiful.

Nico Harper.  Today marks the one year mark of having Nico in my life.  A year ago today I woke up, went to the shelter and picked him up.  We had a bond from the first second, and it has only gotten stronger.  He saved my life, allowed me to feel safe and comfortable in my home again, and is my perfect match.

Music. The one true way to my heart, and how.

Coffee. ALWAYS and forever Coffee.

Liars, fake people, and just douche bags in general. These types of people keep me real, keep me grounded, and are a great reminder of how far I have come. You all might suck at life, but at least it helps me to see the direction of mine clearer.

Court Documents. I got a copy of the judgement from the stalker’s court date last week. He will be in prison for two years with a shit load of probation. My name is clearly in the paperwork stating he is to have no contact with me again, ever, in anyway.

Good morning texts. It’s always nice to know someone is thinking of you… that sorta rocks my face off.

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