Faceless Friday: Part 23

Faceless Friday, where I list out some of the things I have been grateful for in the past week, things that have rocked my face off.

Let us begin:

Allergy medicine, when I remember to take it. Not only does it rock my face off, but it also stops me from wanting to rip it off myself.

Coffee. Always and forever coffee.

Friendship. I have some stellar people in my life that help me throughout my day-to- day just by knowing they are cheering me on. That leaves me faceless for sure.

A brand new month!

Men’s razors. (This may stay on the list throughout the summer). They are much better than whatever shit they make for women.

Music. For finding words when I cannot, and for expressing things just by being.

Finishing the letter to the courts. Now I can officially, and forever, move on with all of this… or rather without all of this.  It was hard writing out what pain I had felt at the hands of my stalker, but also worth it if I can keep him from doing it to other people.

Craughers. There are still no amount of words that will ever express how grateful I am for all of you, and how encouraging you are.  Thank you for hope, laughter and something to do!

Also, my mom, for not having found any of this yet.

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