Faceless Friday: Part 22

Faceless (and sleepless) Friday!!!

My list of gratitude runs deep this week, and for that I am grateful.

Here are the things that rocked my face off this past week:

Boundaries. Making them, keeping them, using them, owning them, and having them in general. There was a time when I struggled with this (and still do from time to time) but this week I held my ground and like always, it was worth it.

Coffee. Sweet, delicious, coffee.

Friends and Laughter. I cannot even put into words how grateful I am for the wonderful people in my life, bringing me joy, and making me laugh.

Being a Gangsta with my friend KT. She wasn’t being a gangsta. I was. In 90 degree weather. With a hoodie, shades and a baddd attitude. I crunked all over her car. Passing vehicles were impressed, if not by my mad dancing skills then with the amount of laughter that was happening. Thank God for friends like that! (Next time we are taking video fo’sho)

New Music. Man this always seems to end up on this list, but music is my first love, therefore it deserves to make the list every week. (PS if you have not listened to something new in a while find something you haven’t heard and give it a try… usually worth it)

Mark Zucklerbergerface getting married. Just kidding, I don’t actually care about that.

Beardzilla. For keeping me entertained this week, listening, and being pretty awesome.

Coffee. Yeah, it’s so important I had to list it twice.

My scrunchie wearing loverfaces. You know who you are, and hopefully you know what you mean to me. Thank you. You ladies rock my damn face OFF at least every 5 minuts!

Craughers. I know I say this often, and I hope you can actually gauge my sincerity, THANK YOU. I am still overcome with awe and gratitude by all of your support, beautiful faces, wittiness, and most importantly general awesomeness. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 22”

  1. you rock. you just do. it’s so funny, you wrote about boundaries today. i wrote about them too… because i stepped over one. er… :/ — it’s all good. but the lessons suck. i’m grateful for honest wits like yours. 🙂 -m from G.O.


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