Things I would like to say or…. Arguments in my head.

I argue with a lot of people in my head. These are the most common questions I receive and these are the responses I would like to give:

“Oh you live with your mom?”

Answer: Yes. Yes, I do. Am I pleased about this? No, but because I let my life get wrecked by a complete fucking psycho I have no other choice.

“You don’t even have a car?”

Answer: I have a fist I want to shove down your throat… I mean, no, I don’t… above mentioned psychopath destroyed the last one I had.

“Why haven’t you bought a new one?”

Answer: For fucksake have you not been paying attention? I had a PSYCHOPATH in my life, fucking it all up… therefore I had to HIDE and not get a damn paycheck.

“Well, what are you going to do now?”

Take over the motherfucking WORLD… because NOW NOTHING CAN STOP ME. 

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