Faceless Friday: Part 21

This has got to be one of the greatest Faceless Fridays I have ever had.  I am not even sure where to begin with my list of gratitude… oh wait, yes I do:

Court. My ex admitted to physically harming me, breaking down my door, threatening me and stalking me. HE finally admitted it, and what is even better is that it was in COURT when he plead GUILTY.  The relief I feel has not even really caught up to my soul yet. I am so grateful that this chapter in my life is finally over, and that I can really start the healing process. It has been hard to continue on when the scab of all of it had been continuously picked so-to-speak.

Friendship.  I have done a lot of looking back over the past couple of years and have been floored more than once by the amount of love I have received when I was so low.  It is a miraculously feeling knowing that no matter where I am in my life, there are always people standing by.

Knowing myself.  It turns out that even though I have so many loved ones in my life, I will always have a few haters too, and that’s okay.  I know who I am, I know where I have been, and I know where I am going.  People that do not take the time to know me, understand me, and ask me questions really are a waste of my time.  That and gossip is ridiculous.

Recovery from codependency and what that means for my sanity.  I may never be able to fully express what changes have occurred within me over the last couple of years, but I am forever grateful for them. I am grateful to not be addicted to drama. I am grateful to let others go their own way, knowing it is not a reflection on me and my worth. I am grateful that I know a sincere apology when I see one, and a real person when I meet one.

Nico Harper. Always, because he’s freaking awesome and he’s my dog. Yep.

Coffee and music. My true loves.

Craughers- for without all of you I do not think I would have the courage to face all that I have, and all that I still need too. Your support, understanding and encouragement mean more than you know.  You rock my damn face off!!

5 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 21”

  1. Am very happy for you to have had resolution and acknowledgement – it coupled with your open hearted strength will make it much easier allow yourself to fully move on now :-)))) Many blessings on this new chapter in your life !!


  2. I may only know you via FB and your blog, but I know your story. To overcome Co-dependant behavior is no small achievement. I am enjoying my own path to enlightenment and continue to practice being grateful and present for each moment. I have spent 41 years worrying about the future and missed out on so many moments of bliss. Keep us all craughing!!


  3. congratulations! it’s hard to end codependency. i want to make a t-shirt: co-de-no-mo (for “codependent no more”) but i haven’t gotten around to it. it’s an insidious condition which requires (for me anyhow) constant vigilance. i’m pretty good about not being that person to others, but some people get their hooks in and try other ways of relating to you once you punt them.

    i am very happy you’re so happy now. you deserve it and i’ve only known your story for a very short time but i’m excited for you nonetheless. linger a little longer, laugh a little louder, jump a little higher: enjoy!


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