Court is FINISHED!!

For over a year, I had forgotten what it felt like to breathe. Really, breathe.  The kind of breathing you can feel resonate in your very core, your very being, the kind of breath that tells you that you are alive, and in fact, well.  This morning, after court, was the first time I have taken a breath like that since October 2010.

And it felt good.  It felt soul opening, heavens smiling down, Universe giggling GOOD.

I was prepared to testify today against my stalker.  Prepared to look him in the eye and tell the court what he had done to me, how he made me feel, and how his actions affected me.  As soon as his lawyer informed him that I was there, and ready, he took the plea agreement that had been offered to him at least three times previously. He plead guilty to the Class C Felony Stalking Charges against me.  I got to hear him say, “I plead guilty your honor”, I got to hear him say “Yes, I did do those things, your honor”.

I got to see him in his black and white stripped jump suite, his wrists bound with handcuffs.  I got to hear his voice crack, tears swell, when he spoke.  I was able to sit there and look at the man that tormented me for so long, and in so many ways, and just… be.

And that is now what I can continue to do… just BE… and love every minute of it.

this could be me jumping for joy… but it’s not…. but the feeling is the same.

7 thoughts on “Court is FINISHED!!”

  1. Best news dear…you were strong enough to show up and willing to testify. You mustered that courage LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER and didn’t let him own you one more second.
    I’m so proud to know you and call you my friend.


  2. congratulations!!! i am very happy for you. take care of yourself, now that it’s over — all the stress you’ve been under now that you are finally able to breathe and release can manifest strangely. get rest, water and good foods in that free body of yours. enjoy!


  3. So proud of you. I know what it’s like to face a person like that in court (assault instead of stalking, in my case). I’m glad he took the plea (even if it WAS at the 11th hour). The jury trial I had to sit through was horrendous. Breathing…it’s an amazing feeling.


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