Faceless Friday: Part 20

Faceless Friday!!! Holla!!!

Things that have rocked my face off this week:

  • Learning I will only have to do this court thing once with stalker boy (a true blessing).
  • Friends that will drive three hours to see me, just because the care about me.
  • All the internet love from all of you Craughers.
  • Chiropractors. I am still not standing all the way up right, but it’s a bit better.
  • Coffee, always and forever.
  • New music that speaks to my soul and speaks out for my heart.
  • Silence, and knowing when I need it so I can listen to my self.
  • Super secret surprise things that I can’t talk about yet.
  • My rock, Nico Harper. He’s the best damn dog in the world I’m pretty sure.
  • Breathing.
  • Getting my fighting spirit back. Bring it on.

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