Faceless Friday: part 15

Here it is Friday again… I have found when you say it like that it makes it sound like the weekend “snuck” up on you, even if the week draaaagggggeeeedddd on. So, because it is Friday, and because I am grateful for so many things, I will compile my weekly list of things that rocked my face off. Faceless Friday y’all.

  • Red paint and kitchen tables. It took Octavian and me awhile to decide on what color to paint the kitchen in the new place. We decided on white walls with red trim and cupboards. I am excited about this. Therefore, this week I took the old nasty kitchen table, sanded the hell out of it, and painted it red (yeah it took three coats). Imagine a red table sitting in front of some white walls. POP… and not in the old country fashion either… we are going retro with class. I will post pictures to my facebook page as soon as I find the battery for the camera….
  • Chocolate cake. I don’t actually have any chocolate cake right now, but if I did it would be rocking my face off for breakfast.
  • Coffee. Because it is a miracle worker from the heavens.
  • Octavian. (This is code for my boyfriend, it is his warrior name) Octavian rocked my face off this week by just being himself. I have never been in a relationship with a man that does what he says he is going to do. For example, “Someday I will build shelves in that bathroom for you” actually turns into “tomorrow” instead of years, weeks, or whatever.
  • Nico Harper man dog extraordinaire. I can only guess that Nico has been so loving and cuddly with me lately because he can sense the happiness that is trying to show itself. Whatever it is I am grateful that he is loving on me more than my mother, and even more grateful that I am starting to find my joy again. Living here has been HARD.
  • Craughers, internet friends, and connections with people. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have met so many supportive people on this journey through Craughing, my blog and the interwebs.
  • Surviving my D-day with poise and class. D-day is the anniversary of my divorce. It has been one year since it was finalized, but we have been separated for close to two. I am grateful that I did not text him to inform him of the date or make any snide comments to him personally. Divorce is hard even when you know that is what you need to do to become a better, healthier and happier person.
  • Laughter. There was a time, last year actually, when I could not laugh, it was foreign to me and felt awkward. Now not laughing is the stranger, and I am forever grateful for that, and would like to throw out a shout-out for the local police department for locking up my stalker so that I can breathe easier, and laugh wholeheartedly.

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