Faceless Friday: Part 13

Last night was pretty much a disaster, but I am not so selfish that I cannot be grateful, even in dark times. So, it’s Friday and that means I get to list all of the things, or most of the things, that rocked my face off the past week. Welcome to FACELESS FRIDAY!!

  • The Black Keys concert last Friday rocked my face so hard that I was going to dedicate an entire blog entry to it, but could not find the words. That is how awesome it was. I have been to many, many shows, and this one is definitely at the top of the list. I had a great time and they are great performers.
  • Knowing what my next financial step needs to be, and working towards it. Nothing like starting COMPLETELY over to energize and frighten the shit out of a codependent, especially one as uptight as I am when it comes to money.
  • Having a job, and knowing that it came at the perfect time, like most things do.
  • Recovery and being able to lean on it, or wrap myself in it, when needed. Being a codependent is not easy, and recovery sometimes feels death defying.  I am grateful that this week I was able to take time to process and surrender to life. I may not know where I am headed, but I do know that my emotions do not have control over me anymore.  I am able to sit with my emotions and wait for the energy to pass so that I can make smart and healthy choices for me. That in itself really is a fucking miracle.
  • Controlling my tongue when needed so that I can someday be healthy and happy… or being psychic enough to know everyone ends up hanging themselves with their own tongues and actions sooner or later.
  • Dance ParTays and the wonderful people that share them with me daily on the interwebs.  I really do not think I could ever fully express how grateful I am for Craughers, their support, and their friendship even though we may never meet. It is refreshing that there are people cut from the same cloth as me out there. I am grateful that no matter where I am, I am not alone.
  • Musicians. Where the hell would I be without you? You bring words and music to my soul when there is silence. You speak for me, when I cannot, and you calm my soul when it is too afraid to surrender to my body.  I have the utmost respect for anyone that puts their selves out there the way that musicians do, and for all of that I am thankful, and faceless.
  • Friendship and the amount of bullshit it can withstand. I can go months without seeing or talking to certain people and then pick up where we left off. I love that about my friends, mainly because it allows our friendship grace, respect, and room.
  • My fingernails. I know that may be weird to some, but I can grow my nails out without any problems, to pretty much any length. I find that to be kinda cool.

There is more I would like to say this morning, but I shall wait, wait and feel, and hope that today opens up to me in profound and solid ways. Much love to all of you, and thank you so much for taking the time to be a part of my life.

6 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 13”

  1. oh baby doll lover smooshy face. the fact that you have so much gratitude in the midst of suckage is inspiring to me. Being in recovery is such a gift that we can have that perspective to still be grateful through the shit — well, it’s such a gift. I am sending you my love and joy and thankfulness that you are in my life. You have no idea how often you pop in my head and heart and I smile and feel better knowin gyou are out there, doing the deal, with me and so many others. love you girl.


  2. You know what I’m thankful for as I read this? You. Now every time I craugh (there’s been lots of this already this weekend) I think of you and am happy to know you’re out there.


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