Faceless Friday: Part 10

Happy Faceless Friday!!!

I am struggling this morning with narrowing down my list of things that have rocked my face off this past week.  All though my mood has been a little funky, I still find that I have more reasons, more than I ever imagined, everyday, to be grateful.

This week the following rocked my FACE OFF:

Technology.  I love to hate and adore technology. I believe it causes confusion, low attention spans, and smart-ass people… I also believe that it has and can improve lives, help educate and bring people together. This week I purchased a Kindle, which has officially blown my mind. I am a compulsive and impulsive shopper, especially when it comes to reading. I cannot wait for books to ship, or to drive over an hour to get a book (yes, that is right NO book stores in my area), so being a Kindle owner is like wielding magic powers for this bookworm. I can have a new book in my hands in a minute. Yes please, and thank you!

Business attire. In one of my past lives I was pretty business savvy and dressed the part, and basically kicked a lot of ass and took a lot of names, then I changed careers… and now it looks like I am going back into the business world (only in a good way). I love dressing up, especially in a black and white polka dot shirt, dress slacks and some red heels. Yeah, I owned my outfit and the interview.  I also thoroughly enjoyed my mom saying “You can’t see any of your tattoos, you don’t even look like someone that would have tattoos”. I have no idea exactly what she meant by this, but it made me laugh, and then tell her about the “mom” tattoo I am going to get next. She should know better than to harass her daughter.

People that believe in me.  I am always surprised when someone compliments me, and encourages me, and always, always grateful.

Surrender. Surrender and the serenity prayer.  I will try to write more on this later, but for Faceless Friday let me just say that I am grateful to have the quiet voice within say “shut the fuck up and let it go”.


And another big thank you to all of you that read “To Be Known” and let me know that we all share this common bond. 

One thought on “Faceless Friday: Part 10”

  1. oooooh! business attire! I am so excited to hear this. getting my ass up and dressed for the day is huge for my serenity and sense of pupose. YAY you! and a kindle. I love my kindle. I want to marry it. DH is only a tad jealous. Love you girl. All of you.


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