Faceless Friday: Part 9

It is time for my favorite (and some time hardest) part of the week. Faceless Friday, where I list out, with gratitude and appreciation everything that rocked my face OFF this past week.

And so it begins:

  • Tears.  I have cried a few times over the past few weeks. I have cried over my life, my situation, my relationships, but Saturday was different. Saturday I cried and surrendered and just let the ugly cry take over.  I had not cried like that for close to a year. I needed that cry, I needed to feel the sadness and weight of everything I have been feeling and wanting.  I needed that dark reminder that I am human.  I needed to feel that fear set in that screams “If you do not do something, you will surely die”.
  • Music. More specifically Octavian, the samurai swordsman/warrior playing guitar and singing.  No matter what I am feeling, dreading, overwhelmed with, etc. his playing soothes me to my core. To my core. Music has been my comfort, my friend, my love and my life for as long as I can remember, and I feel blessed to be able to share that with someone.
  • A room. Or more specifically a room with a door on it, so I can close that fucker when I need to.
  • The word flabbergasted.  I think that more people should use this word, and I will now make it a point to use it whenever possible.
  • Dance parties through the internets.  I feel blessed that I have made some solid friends through my Craughing page, and that we all seem to just “get” each other… and that we all like to shake our asses.
  • Simplicity.  This is something I crave more of in my life, but when it does happen I am so grateful for it.  I had lunch with a dear friend this past week and we both agreed that people should stop complicating so many things.  Having that understanding with someone was awesome, and I will be writing about all of those thoughts on a later date. Until then I will cherish when people say what they mean, and truly mean what they say.
  • All of the people that take the time to read this blog.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude and a great knowing that I am not alone, I hope all of you feel the same.


With much love.


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