Faceless Friday: Part Seven

Every Friday I take a few moments to write out the things I am grateful for in the past week. I call this Faceless Friday, as these are all the things that have Rocked My Face Off:

  • Caffeine, in really any form.  Usually this spot is reserved for coffee, but lets be honest I have practically injected all sorts of caffeine.
  • Willpower.  This has been one of the hardest weeks since I moved out of my home and has left me crying and feeling helpless many days this week. I am grateful for the willpower to keep going, even if it doesn’t look like I am getting anywhere.
  • Nico Harper (my dog extraordinaire) for sleeping in my room more this week instead of sucking up to the dog whisperer (aka the mother).
  • Finding adult bedding for a twin size bed.  This is no easy task my friends, as any true adult would not actually be sleeping on a twin bed. Pure luck and stubbornness brought me to the most adult bedding I could find for this miniature bed of mine. (Um… did I mention I have a huge ass King size bed in storage… try going from that to a twin. Humbling)
  • Being able to admit that I am sad. This may sound like an easy task, but it indeed took years of counseling to actually be able to say, “I am sad” and then be able to determine why. This week I was able to admit that I am sad because all I want, so desperately, is to go home.
  • Friendship, laughter, and respect.  I am grateful for those that have allowed me time to heal, have been there and asked what I needed without being pushy, have let me grieve without questioning it, and have made me laugh and keep moving forward.  I have been blessed with many real life friends and now some great friends on the interwebs too. I am forever grateful for this support system as I figure out my next move.

3 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part Seven”

  1. this was lovely…you have everything you need..just like Dorothy..you always had what you needed to get home. You are just building and discovering a new home. I am going to friend your dog now


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