Things Packing has Taught Me

      The only good thing I got out of being offline yesterday for 12 hours (holy crap-twelve!!) was the joy of being productive with the packing of this big old house.  Room, by room, I am almost finished, ready to put all of my belongings in storage where they can wait for me until my next big adventure in living begins.  For as depressing and overwhelming as the whole foreclosure process has been I have found myself feeling a bit lighter every day, throwing out memories that are no longer needed to sustain me, and finally, finally, looking towards a brighter (if not unsure) future.

     Things I have learned about myself while packing:
  • I AM organized!! And pretty good at staying that way too!
  • Once my prized possessions are in a box I no longer feel the need to “handle them with care”.
  • I will hold on to the strangest things for over 15 years, only because I once said “I’m going to keep this forever”.
  • I have an obsession with: Lotion, stem ware, candles, purses and shoes.  (These items will be taking up the most space in my storage unit.) But really… does any ONE person need that MUCH lotion? I mean… obviously… I do…
  • I will still do about anything to not do dishes.  This has cursed me my whole life, and quite frankly I’m just going to accept it. Doing dishes makes my soul bleed.
  • When you feel as if you have lost “everything” you realize how much you really have.
I am one lucky, lucky woman… now, back to work.

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