Girl Code: YEAH it IS important!!

Perhaps I am old school… or too sensitive this morning… but I highly doubt it, as from what I have gathered from my entire lifetime there is a “Girl Code” and it applies to all of womanhood.  So, in my infinite wisdom I have conducted a list, based on endless hours of research none the less, of said “girl code”.
1. Don’t sleep with your friend’s exes. Do not attempt to sleep with them. Just don’t.
2. When someone fucks over your friend, it is your duty tostop all bullshit contact to seem like you are a “good person” who doesn’t  “pick sides”. If your friend was fucked over, the “side” should be a known.
3. Don’t pretend you are not a back stabbing bitch, and act all aloof when called out for doing either of the first two things on this list. Hang your mother fucking head in shame and figure out a way to fix it!
4. Do not tell your friend that they look good when in fact they do not. That is just mean and makes you a bad friend. Do you want to be a bad friend?
5. Do not put men before your friendships with women. You may think that you are a “guys girl”, and that may be the case. Nevertheless, trust me; it is important to have women in your life. Men will hurt your feelings, other women will hurt your feelings, you need at LEAST ONE true friend to share all of that shit with. Do not burn bridges because you want to be seen as cool. Cause frankly that makes you an opportunist not a good friend.
6. Be supportive and stick to it. This may sound simple, but there are those people out there that sway with the motherfucking weather. Do not be that person. Stand beside your friend, no matter what; even if you do not necessarily agree with whatever bullshit they may be on. You would want the same for yourself. It is called kindness.
7. Forgive, and mean it. People WILL hurt your feelings, they WILL say stupid shit, and sometimes they may even let you leave the house looking like a complete fool… If what was done to you was not meant to be heart wrenching and mean, then let it go. Your friendship will blossom even more because of your understanding that people are indeed just that: people.
8. Don’t be a shady bitch. Do not steal from your friends. Do not take their nail polish and pretend you did not. Do not take their boyfriends (ex or otherwise) and pretend you did not. Actually, just do not pretend. It does not do YOU any good and it will not help your friend either. Be honest, be real, and for fucksake be genuine.
9. Lighten up. There are friendships out there that are meant to be lessons in loving and life. This does not mean that every conversation has to be gut wrenching advice column types. Sometimes people just want to be heard. Lighten up, laugh, listen, and breathe a bit.
10. Remember that a friendship is a relationship. That means that there is give and take in every aspect of it. Sometimes it takes work, sometimes it is easy. If you have not heard from a friend in a day, a week, a month, etc. that does not mean that you are a looser (okay it might) or that the friendship is over. Show some grace! Real friendships can withstand time, be that kind of friend.

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